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Dangers of elevator sterilization systems

In the urgent need to "clean" our elevators, some systems out there are posing several very high risks that all need to contemplate. Systems that use shaft air to force "clean" air into the cab are inherent of all VOCs, contaminants, odors and impurities from within the elevator shaft. Additionally, and most importantly, a VERY dangerous condition is created in that should the shaftway be subject to a smoke condition (be it equipment fire or building fire) the system would, in effect, fill the cab and all people inside with deadly smoke. Systems introducing UV-C to the interior of the cab (either air cleaning or surface cleaning) that are mounted in the car obviously create a great hazard to the public as any exposure (even by accidental exposure or vandalism) will cause irreversible cellular damage and eventually possibly cancer.

At Sterilyft, we've painstakingly designed our system to be the most effective system available while eliminating the risks associated with the use of UV-C.

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